Claudia Nowojewska

Unlocking ‘Sentimental Objects’

We often keep objects that represent special moments in our lives, relating to an event, a place, time and people. These ‘Sentimental Objects’, act as symbols unlocking the memories associated with them. As such, this project aims to capture and preserve the ‘memories imbued within objects’ in order to stem the potential loss of family heritage and, by injecting a personal narrative into the heart of ‘Sentimental Objects’, people will begin to add additional values to their possessions.

With the aid of radio frequency identification technology (RFID), we fuse the digital within the physical, allowing for this unique identification of objects to be directly linked to online data. Through the use of an ‘interactive platform’, a family can record their story and a digital legacy can be created, offering their intended inheritor the additional gift of ‘voice’ with each precious object. The historical data is catalogued into a personal archive, allowing their sentimental objects to become digital assets to be passed down through generations and be gifted in wills to institutions or family members. This idea of hearing the ‘spirit of things’ reminds us to enjoy what we already own and to safeguard our stories which so often become forgotten and ultimately discarded as waste.

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