Ewan Mackay


If you were (or are) an active wheelchair user, how would you carry the things you need for work, leisure and daily life?

‘AndBag’ is a system for active wheelchair users, allowing secure stowage in a bag at the back of the wheelchair – a position many people prefer – while keeping the bag accessible to the user from a seated position.

Compatible with modern self-propelled wheelchairs, the system gives users increased freedom and independence, allowing them to access their things without having to rely on anyone else, and without any need for cumbersome or expensive contrivances. It allows them to carry greater volumes while remaining unencumbered by luggage on the lap and adds no hindrance to normal use of the wheelchair. The system allows a variety of different bag attachments, to suit any individual’s tastes and needs, which can be switched quickly and simply.

By reducing the user’s dependence on others in a ‘non-medicalising’ way, ‘AndBag’ helps to minimise any stigma associated with disability and answers an everyday need experienced by active wheelchair users.

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