Ibrahim Osman Haji

The Evolution of Gesture

Did ‘gesture’ evolve prior to technology or as a by-product of technology? In modern times there are many significant technologies that aid human beings in every stage of life. Within this project I have focused on the relationship between human gestures and technological advances.

In contemporary society human beings use gesture-assisted technology to alleviate problems and aid general wellbeing, through social, domestic, medicinal and pleasure related purposes. Yet humans have had to adapt in order to collaborate with this technology (for example, thumbs were not deemed as important as the other digits on the hand until technology focused on text message services, where the thumbs become the main operator). In this case human gestures have been documented and have evolved to accommodate the technology. There are also other variables evident such as sensors, touch assisted technology, voice activated technology and actions that control devices such as clapping to operate television systems or interact with WiFi.

This project focuses on incorporating new gestures into existing technologies, documenting and adapting the findings, to form a hypothesis of the nature of ‘gesture’ and enabling its positive reinforcement.


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