Henrietta Jadin

Breaking Point

The consequences of humanity’s desire for destruction are evident through war, vandalism, violence and the despoiling of the environment. The motivations behind these various destructive behaviours are numerous and include pleasure, greed, survival and power and they can be witnessed at a personal, corporate and State level.

I’m interested in the satisfaction derived from being destructive on a smaller, more personal scale; that single self-indulgent moment of destroying something just because it feels good. But why can such a negative act be so satisfying?

This project explores human destructiveness by experimenting with breaking as a source of satisfaction and release. Ingrained behaviours help ensure that, most of the time, we navigate through our lives trying not to damage anything. Could allowing people to express this human trait by destroying things in a controlled environment provide them with a positive and useful experience – one that actually reduces the capacity for and the “need” to express our human violence in far more destructive ways?

The work is focused on enhancing certain aspects of premeditated breaking – such as amplifying the sound or allowing close proximity to the smash – in order to heighten the experience rather than the subsequent damage.


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