Rose Moncrieff

Emotive Data

Throughout history we have attached sentiment to objects that hold meaning for us. Some of our most treasured objects today are our technologies. If there is a connection between sentimentality and new technology, there therefore must be a way of collecting emotional data.

We often mark our text messages, emails, posts or tweets with an ‘x’. This custom for marking the end of a message dates back to the Medieval Age, when a cross was drawn on documents or letters to indicate sincerity and honesty.

With the rise of social networking, emailing and text messaging are now integral to the way we communicate. The amount of emotional content within digital communication networks is monumental. The question is, whether or not sentimentality is being lost through the use of modern forms of communication.

Emotive Data is a means by which you can store and preserve the sentimental ‘x’ content in a virtual message.

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