Dasha Dydko

The Human Touch

Human physical contact has been proven to be a key element in social and physical development, and has been encouraged to be a big part of our upbringing. As we grow up and develop into adults our relationship with physical human contact changes, and we often lose some of our ability to comfortably engage in non-sexual physical contact. For some of us this discomfort can manifest itself in our adult lives resulting in a social awkwardness around touch. The Human Touch is a research project aimed at expanding the boundaries and etiquettes of physical contact in the most crowded city in the UK.

By documenting areas of touch both on my body and around London this project explores the relationship between location and physical contact. My main objective has been to find ways of enhancing the amount of non-sexual physical contact I make throughout London, in order to break down some of my own awkwardness around touch. This project also aims to promote a more comfortable attitude towards non-sexual physical contact and the benefits of expanding some of the boundaries of touch etiquette.


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