Goldsmiths Design Presents: Annie Bowers

Annie is one of the few students who are exhibiting at New Designers. Here are some images of her work.

‘Urban Escapes’

Over 50% of the world now lives in an urban settlement, and there are many social, economic and environmental benefits to this. However, people who live in cities may be missing out on much that nature has to offer. People who reside in more rural areas have lower levels of depression, heart disease and cancer, and have longer life expectancy than those in cities.

My project is concerned with utilising nature in cities to offset some of the negative effects of urban life. I have designed a series of objects, which encourage users to actively engage with natural phenomena around them. In doing so, they may find small moments of respite from the stresses of the city. I have also redesigned some urban environments to amplify existing natural phenomena.

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