Internet section
Blog: Lior Smith with contributions from Doh Kim. website: Eva Nazarova and Joe Higson.

Tweeters: Thomas Marriott, Olivia Clemence, Kirstin Todtling, Lior Smith.

Organisation section
Chief organiser: Olivia Clemence.

Graphics for show: Annie Bowers, Emilie Sheehan, Paul Venn, Kate McGreevy, Nicholas M. Stevenson, James Curme, Lawrence Oliver Richards.

PR team: Lior Smith, Tessa Lawer, Chloe Boucouvalas, Poppy Steveni, Ali Ormerod.

Sponsorship organisers: Edd Rosso and Edward Martin.

Show build team: Kirstin Todtling, Hannah Kershaw, Tessa Lawer, Tom Mitchell, Tom Marriott, Justas Motuzas, Larissa Sterling.

Captions: Ed Martin, Henrietta Jadin, Alannah Hay, Hannah Kershaw, and more.

Photography: Tomas Valenzuela Blejer and Annie Bowers during the show.

Special thanks
Star first year helpers: Amber Newham, Justin Ramsden, Rachel Murray, Charlie Evans, Lauren, Hannah and Hannah, Jo, Lucy, Tea Byford and many more.

Tutors that worked way beyond their paid hours, even when ill: Matt Ward, Jimmy Loizeau, Laura Potter, Richard Brett.

Technicians: Laura, Pete Rogers, Faith Denham, Andrew Weatherhead.

Thanks to all those uncredited that contributed to the show.

Sponsors: Red Stripe and Firefly.

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